Concrete Polishing

By combining state of the art chemicals along with colors, saw-cut patterns and custom logos (limited only to your imagination) Design Crete enhances and makes any concrete surface a finished product ready for any commercial or residential use.

Color Quartz

DesignCrete offers a series of high-build epoxy systems using quality 3M color quartz broadcasted into our industrial epoxy coating to get you the most durable high-wear, high-traffic applications possible.

Industrial Coatings

DesignCrete is highly trained to industrially coat a range of projects including garage floors, warehouse floors, hangar floors, restoration projects, and a range of other applications.

Patterns and Logos

DesignCrete offers any custom logos or patterns imaginable to go along with any of our high quality decorative concrete systems. DesignCrete has many years of experience with restaurants, hotels, bars, banquet halls, commercial office buildings, etc. . .

Decorative Resurfacing

DesignCrete transforms your dull, gray concrete areas into bold exciting and colorful textured surfaces.

Acid Stain

DesignCrete chemical stain reacts directly with the concrete's minerals to create an aesthetically rich and variegated finish that will not peel, chip or fade.

    Design Crete
    Over 18 Years Proven Experience
    "Quality Concrete Solutions"

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